Friday, 22 of September 2017

Through scientific advice, on-site services and research, we offer:

  • High standards for the display and storage of collections
  • Awareness of the condition of the collection
  • Awareness of the environmental conditions in storage and display areas
  • A clear insight of the existing risks to the collection
  • Evaluation of the optimum and most cost-effective ways of blocking the agents of deterioration that damage collections
  • Adjustment of the methodology to any given budget, allocated by an institution or private collector, for the optimum reduction of risks to the collection
  • Reduction of the future costs allocated to interventive conservation

Contact Information:

Collections Care co.
8th Komninon Str., Thessaloniki, 54624, Greece

Asteris Apostolidis
(mob: +30 6951 00 26 60)

Alexis Papapelekanos
(mob: +30 6932 30 32 99)