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  • A two-year research project through NSRF (2007-2013) on "Risk scenarios and preservation strategies for museums collections" in collaboration with the State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki).
  • The development of a digital application for museums. For more information visit:
  • Mt. Athos, Holy Monastery Dionysiou: Collaboration in conservation projects.
  • Private collections: Preventive and interventive conservation.
  • Ethnographic Museum, Orestiada: Conservation management.
  • Conservation consultants of the 'Hellenic Auctions'. 


  • Archaeology and Numismatic Dept., National Museum of Wales: FTIR condition survey of seal impressions and recommendations of their storage environment.
  • Conservation Dept., of the National Museum of Wales: Object conservation.
  • Cynon Valley Museum, Wales: Condition survey and preventive care of the stored collection.
  • Tredegar House, Wales: Analysis of environmental parameters and heating recommendations for the interior climate of the historic house (NW and SE wings).

Central Asia, Uzbekistan

  • Condition survey and cataloguing of the 'Academy of Arts Collection' in Tashkent
  • Presented and published methodology on museum needs at the 'International Conservation Conference in Tashkent' (collaboration between the Ministry of Sports and Culture and UNESCO-Central Asia Branch).
  • Painting restoration program of the 'Igor Savitsky Collection' in Nukus



  • Ilhan Koman conservation management project (contemporary art collection).
  • Arkas Holding: Risk assessment of a privately owned painting collection.
  • Ecumenical Patriarchate: Collaboration in conservation projects.
  • Painting restoration for the 'ARTIUM' Auction House.
  • Interventive and preventive conservation of religious objects from Orthodox churches.


  • St. Apostles Petros & Pavlos church: Collaboration in conservation projects. 

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